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About Applied Technologies Resources


Applied Technologies Resources was started by Bill Iverson in 1996 to serve the water treatment needs of Industries throughout the Mid-South area. Holding degrees in both Chemistry and Biology, and with 40 years of water treatment experience including Fortune 500 companies, ATR quickly grew simply by referrals. In 1997, the Residential Division was formed, taking the technology unique to the industry, and applying it in the residential field. In 2005, International operations began in order to provide clean pure water for free to poor neighborhoods and villages around the world… “Come…Let the one who is thirsty come; Let the one who desires take the water of life without cost.” Rev. 22:17 As a founding member of Nation 2 Nation, Bill’s passions are for teaching and mentoring church planting pastors around the world. As an avid outdoorsman, Bill enjoys the offerings of the family cabin on the pristine Toccoa River in the North Georgia mountains, which include kayaking, swimming, mountain biking, hiking, and motorcycling.


Humanitarian Aid

Helping teach those who will, in turn, teach others. Will you help?

This charge from the Bible (2 Timothy 2:2) seems like it might be saying not to help the helpless, but it actually is a charge “how to really help,” even to the point that now the helpless can become helpful. For the wording is literally, “teach those who will in teach others.” Kind of like, “Give a man a fish, or give him the tools, teach him to fish, and teach him to teach others to fish.” It is encouraging to see how this has worked out in ATR’s “business plan,” for this truly is our business, to help others:

In January 2005, ATR became involved in bringing safe water to drink in Sri Lanka, following the horrific Indian Ocean Tsunami, in a country that had been rated the 2nd most dangerous country in the world because of their 25-year history of civil war, terrorism, and genocide. That evolved into teaching those who would, in turn, teach (help) others, even loving their enemies. When the Japanese Tsunami occurred, ATR partnered with American businesses and churches to send ATR SpringPure Water Systems to Japan. Later, after the need had subsided, the Japanese people partnered with us to send those SpringPure Water Systems to India, first helping a very poor neighborhood. Through teaching and walking alongside the nationals working with this very poor tribe, they desired to also be a part of bringing SpringPure water to another poor, isolated tribe. Our partners in business/partners in mercy help us give the water of life in other parts of the world, and here at home.

ATR's Vision

To be the partner of choice to both clients and prospects and to be recognized as a team of quality, innovative people striving to create new opportunities to increase profit and security for Applied Technologies Resources and its employees, our clients, and our suppliers.

ATR's Values

Applied Technologies Resources believes in absolute, measurable standards which do not change based on circumstances or profitability, by which we are to conduct all our affairs. Those standards will be characterized by Integrity, creativity, initiative, responsibility, quality, and excellence.

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