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Drinking Water Purification System / SpringPure SPS

Humanitarian Aid ● Village / Neighborhood Clean Water Supply ● Prepper Water Treatment


Filtration ● Ozonation ● UV Sterilization ● 15,000 gpd ● $4,995

Drinking water equipment is given in cooperation with our partners in business/partners in mercy.

The SpringPure SPS has proven itself effective in countries all of the world to provide lots of clean water to villages and neighborhoods. Systems are still operating after years of service. Repairs are simple in the field. Plug and play. These systems are lightweight and portable, designed for easy transportation to  difficult places, but most remain in a singular location.

Call for your particular needs. For further information on donating the water of life to areas in need, please use link JOIN US, refer to the ABOUT page, or call 615-370-0087.

Systems include:

  1. Raw Water Suction – 25” of hose, check valve, strainer, etc for water source which may be pond, river, tank...
  2. 1.6 HP, 120v Supply / Repressurization Pump – low electricity requirements, easy adaptability to bypass pump if gravity pressure is naturally provided.
  3. Automation System - for constant water pressure supply
  4. Sacrificial 1 micron Sediment Filter – Protects high-value parts downstream. May easily be cleaned & reused.
  5. Organics, Taste, and Odor Filter – Provides high-quality water prior to sterilization
  6. Ozonator – Cleanses, sterilizes, provides “pass through sterilization” without chemical toxins caused by chlorine.
  7. UV Light - Secondary, final sterilization for the confidence of water purification.
  8. Supply Control System – 25’ of clean water supply, and “Clean Water Tank” automation (tank not provided).
  9. Lightweight Aluminum Frame - Skid mounted for easy handling, shipping, and system protection
For particular contaminants, stationary systems, brackish water, etc, Adders such as the S pringPureMAX Catalytic Filter and Reverse Osmosis technology can be incorporated at an additional charge. Call our Chemist for your particular needs.

Humanitarian Aid Trip: January 2017 Ecuador

Refer to Home Page slide: Clean water for you. Clean water for the world. JOIN US! In August, we sent 4 men to build relationships in 5 localities in Ecuador, and we installed 5 SpringPure SPS Drinking Water Systems, which together could make over 100,000 gallons of Clean drinking water each day. In January 2016, another team of 4 will be going to (1) continue to build those forever relationships of Christian love, (2) provide training to those taking the lead in providing Life-giving water, and (3) bring parts and supplies so the systems will continue to be used and maintained for years to come. As you have received Clean SpringPure drinking water, will you JOIN US in making a tax-deductible donation to help offset the costs of giving water for free?

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